Agro-industry food waste, seawage sludge, solid organic waste and more

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    Responding to natural disasters, post-conflict, and refugees camps needs

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    Nature + Innovation. A Zero-Waste disruptive technology

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    Low-cost, sustainable, natural, profitable, accessible, environmental-friendly

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Transforming Our World

WAIS is a bio-tech company with an eco-innovative approach to global challenges. We think that feeding a 7 billion planet is vital as managing sustainably the environmental, economic and social risks of solid organic waste produced by humans.

Our belief is to go for Zero-Waste Technology supporting the circular economy. This is why we have developed a disruptive Waste-to-Fertilizer technology, which is best in class among the best available technology. It is fully natural, sustainable, accessible, profitable and environmental friendly.

We provide game changing solutions to industry, cities, and governments of developed and developing countries, also in emergency contexts. Wais Zero-Waste Technology can be applied to solid organic waste, sewage sludge and much more with endless economic, industrial and environmental advantages.

Environmental friendly & Safe
• No waste, no pollutant, no odours production
• No emissions, no leachate/waste water production
• All pathogens killed /reactions reach 70C
• Natural eco-innovation / Biological catalyst
• Natural, fully organic fertiliser
• Low consumption of primary resources
Affordable & Profitable
• Low investment
• Low cost for operations and management
• Low energy supply
• Recyclable catalyst / no need to re-purchase
• Marketable high value fertilizer / no additives
• Modular approach for capacity/process applications
Performing & Effective
• Very simple plant apparatus
• No pre-treatment required (e.g. dehydration)
• Performing under very unfavourable conditions
• Exponential high-speed performance
• Remote monitoring of processes
• Scalable / matching your needs
Sustainable & Human
• Coherent with Circular Economy & Sustainable Development Goals
• Offers concrete solutions to Developed & Developing Countries
• Favours Green Jobs creation and Green Economy
• Eco-friendly technology for waste treatment plants and neighboring communities
• No environmental impact
• No public opinion resentment


  • 500 to
    5,000 tons a year
    5000 to
    25,000 tons a year
    50,000 to 100,000
    (or more) tons a year


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